Crystal Palace is a business, commercial and community centre, the core of the bold urban planning project Partnerstvo Šmartinka (Šmartinska Road Partnership). It aims to be not just the tallest high-rise office building in Slovenia but also to live up to the expectations and requirements of its occupants – in terms of architectural design, environmental standards, comfort and creativity.

Living up to such expectations required visionary designers, including several renowned architects. Their new definitions of space, urban planning and architecture helped create modern, occupant-friendly ambience enabling the variety of content. These expectations laid the foundations of a palace whose form and highly specular reflective cladding imitate a crystal – the symbol of a firm and sound structure.

First class technology and ecological materials, original and modern architecturetogether with elegant and comfortable interiors contribute to the uniqueness of Crystal Palace – a building made to make its occupants feel comfortable, safe and relaxed – most of all, a building which caters to the businessman of the 21st century.

Today Crystal Palace is the tallest high-rise office building in Slovenia, offering the maximum: top architecture, maximum environmental compliance, highest living and creative comfort as well as great opportunities for the leasing and purchase of premises.