Crystal Palace was designed to meet the highest safety, construction and installation standards in order to obtain optimal working and living conditions.


There are 579 parking spaces on 3 underground levels and 39 outdoor parking spaces around Crystal palace, a bus stop for public transport and the BTC City shuttle service.


The outer glass envelope of the building lets natural light into offices. The southern façade consists of ventilated double glazed panelling without any low parapets. Textile shades will be inserted in the ventilation layer between the double glazed panelling. Thermal insulation glass will provide equal comfort in external atmospheres which may be either hot or cold.

Vertical communications

All vertical communications are without any architectural obstacles. In the highrise part of the building there will be six private lifts, two of which will have panoramic views overlooking BTC City as well as the Ljubljana sky-line with the Alps in the background. The building will contain one cargo lift for common use and two emergency staircases in the core.

Smoking areas

The Shopping gallery includes balconies and a terrace where smoking is allowed.


Comfortable restrooms are available to visitors in the Shopping Gallery. Four toilet blocks can be installed with separate toilets for ladies and gentlemen on each floor.